How does a real estate agent market your home?

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It is important to market your home well to achieve the best price. In this post, I cover some useful points to consider. 

One size doesn’t fit all

At the time of listing, you and your agent will sit down and choose a marketing package.  Remember, every home is different. So, your marketing must be tailored to best suit your individual budget and situation.

There is no ‘clipping the ticket.’ No money assigned to marketing goes to the agent.

Who pays?

Marketing is an upfront cost to you, the owner. Your agent will organise all the marketing services you choose on your behalf. As an industry, we must be transparent and only spend on what you ask for. Please note, there is no  ‘clipping the ticket.’ No money assigned to marketing goes to the agent or agency.  The marketing budget is used solely to promote your home. 

What marketing should you choose?

If you’re like most owners, you will have put a lot of time and effort into preparing your home for sale. It is important to put the same amount of preparation into the marketing.

Photos work in all mediums, so make sure you hire a professional photographer.

Deciding how to market your home can be confusing—there are so many options available. Should you use print media, the internet, drone photography, staging? It is your real estate agent’s job to guide you through the process and help you make the right choices. The basic ‘rule of thumb’ is that all marketing has its place.

One marketing element, however, you should always make a priority is photography. Don’t settle for a few shots from your iPhone; photos work in all mediums, so hire a professional photographer.

Don’t scrimp on your real estate agent

Remember that your real estate agent is part of your marketing

A great agent contributes to the marketing of your home because she is immersed in your community. She is part of a wide network, knows what is happening in your neighbourhood, knows where that right buyer will come from and leaves no stone unturned.